About Us

Our History

The couple Habibie Ahmad Akbar and Lely Solihati are the ones who started the business of photography with branding BQ Pictures, Dad who has one daughter and 5 twin boys started the business focus in photography in mid 2014. Starting from work from one company with trusted to be a team of documentation at every office event and accompanied by hoby memgambil images in every moment. At the end of 2016 I decided to leave the office to focus on running and developing the photography business. Create my personal photo moment that will not be replaced with anything. Because every second we experience, will not be repeated

BQ Pictures itself is the development of the business Wife who had lived before, namely “BoutiQulla” which is engaged in fashion for women’s clothing. But now BQ Pictures focus in the field of photography and makeup, with this married couples collaboration insaallah we will give maximum results and good quality. All competitors, we consider as a team that can support each other. And all clients, we consider as family members who can complement each other.

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If you have any regular questions or pre-sale questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our email address is info@bq-pictures.com.  And here are our social media which you can get update when we update any items or launch new items.